Teen Coaching

The teen years are developmentally crucial and can be notoriously a trying time.  It is a time of moving away from the family unit and towards peer groups.  It is a time of experimentation and a search for identity.  This can provide challenges for both teens and parents alike.  Parents want to help teens however the impulse of a teen can be to reject or turn away from parental involvement and towards outside influences.  When you consider the influences a teen is exposed to today –social media, internet, TV, magazines, friends and society at large- and the pressures they face, our teens have never had so much to contend with and often without a trusted mentor or role model they can confide in.

Coaching can provide a wonderful, supportive and empowering means for the teen to make progress on issues that matter to them.  Since the coaching process involves equal partnership, listening, a space to be heard and the investment of trust that the teen can find solutions to their own problems and challenges, it can be an appealing option for teens and parents alike.  There can be tremendous value in having someone who is objective to a situation guide, support and encourage them to set goals, make positive choices and take responsibility for their lives.

It is particularly helpful when dealing with some of the following issues:

Anxiety and stress management

Building confidence and self-esteem

Family issues and parent’s separation

Body confidence issues

Friendship issues and skills

Improving academic focus

Building motivation

School problems

Benefits include:


Increased self-esteem


Eliminate / re-frame negative self-talk


Build courage and resilience


Increase personal motivation


Set personal goals


An awareness of personal strengths


Improve body image


Focus on personal achievements


Discuss issues of concern (social media pressures, fears, anxiety, body image, self-esteem/confidence, friendships, peer pressure, academic stress, relationships)

Extra Benefits:

Fired From Within Well Being Journal

Free parental consultation (up to 30 mins)

Free telephone consultation (up to 30 mins)

Life will always test you

but remember, when you walk up mountains you get stronger

How It Works

The process begins with an initial consultation over the phone. This is to ascertain the issues facing the child and the goal to be worked on.  With this in mind, the teen is then asked what they would like to work on.  It is important to respect what is on the teen’s mind before going into the parent’s agenda.

During the session, we set a goal and discuss ways of achieving it. We evaluate the teens’s ideas and choose the most sensible and realistic option to move them forward. By letting the teen use their inner resources to find solutions to their own problems, they feel empowered and this raises their self-esteem and confidence.

The sessions are supportive, positive and engaging. I use a variety of resources during sessions.  Young people will often look forward to sessions and feel excited as progress gets made.

Respect for the teens’s privacy is important. Anything discussed during sessions remains confidential unless the child gives me permission to tell their parents. Most teens are happy for me to discuss their progress with their parents. This facilitates the changes and allows parents to be aware of how the teen wants to progress.

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