Transformation Life Coaching

Transformation life coaching is for people who are ready to make the changes to become who they were born to be.  So many of us end up living what I call ‘society approved lives’ which we were led to believe would bring us happiness but in reality we are not aligned with our soul’s purpose and as such we do not experience contentment or fulfillment. Transformational Life Coaching can help if:

you are stuck in a job which drains you rather than inspires or uplifts you

you would like to uncover your passion and purpose in life

you undervalue yourself, put others needs first and feel deflated and ineffective as a result

you suspect you are in the wrong relationship but feel helpless and trapped

you are single and wondering why

you have a dream or passion you wish to see fulfilled

you are settling for less than you deserve in some aspect of your life

you lack inner peace by reliving in the past or suffering anxiety over the future

you are ready to make positive changes to improve a key relationship in your life

you are fed up with your reality and deep down you know you deserve better

Transformation Life coaching will inspire and remind you that you are the author of your own life.  What would do if you were guaranteed to succeed?  I encourage you to consider different perspectives on problems and issues and develop new empowering beliefs in order to help you push beyond barriers to your ambitions.  Coaching brings support, accountability and encourages you to set goals.  Sarah tailors each session to suit your individual needs.  It can help you to address the following areas:






Career Path


Personal Growth

I inspire positive change through a variety of techniques including powerful questions, self-reflection, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral strategies, mindfulness, positive psychology exercises and visualization strategies to name but a few.  I will work hard to empower you and support you through a crucial time of change.


Coaching is an equal partnership that works best when an individual is ready, willing and committed to make changes to their lives. I work with people who take responsibility for their lives and are ready and committed to taking action between sessions.

As your coach, I will do my utmost to support and encourage you along the way but ultimately the success of coaching rests with you and your ability to take action.

If you have read the content of my website and feel that I may the right coach for you, then I wholeheartedly welcome you on this journey of self-discovery!  Once you have decided to start the process, please get in touch via my contact page so I can arrange your free consultation.


How many sessions will I need?

Just as you wouldn’t expect to see dramatic results after just one visit to the gym, so too is it with coaching.  Personal transformation is not an overnight process and change and action requires sustained effort.  It is recommended that you begin with a package of 6 sessions to start with so that you can work on your action steps and apply what you learn between sessions.  Typically sessions take place every week to two weeks depending on your needs.  There is no minimum however and you can feel free to choose the option that suits you best.

Single Taster Session (€75)

1 x 1 hour of coaching either in person, over Skype or phone call.  This option is ideal for those who have an inkling that they need or want to change some aspect of their life but would like to try out a single session before committing to further sessions.  This would also suit existing clients who may need a refresher or clarification on a particular issue or goal.

Transformation Trio (€210)

3 x 1 hours of coaching either in person, over Skype or phone call.  This option would suit those who have a clear single or short goal in mind that they would like to achieve.  (You save €15)

Six Session Blitz: 6 x 1 hour  (€390)

6 x 1 hours of coaching either in person, over Skype or phone call.  This option works well for those who are confident in what they wish to achieve and are ready willing and able to put in the financial, personal and time investment.  (You save €60)

No Going Back: Nine session Overhaul  (€540)

9 x 1 hours of coaching either in person, over Skype or phone call. This option is for those who are serious and clear in what changes they would like to make and with a particular time frame in mind within which they would like to make them.  (You save €135)

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